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Dark Envoy has switched to real-time combat, delayed to Q2 2021

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Dark Envoy has switched to real-time combat, delayed to Q2 2021

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 24 August 2020, 23:58:39

Tags: Dark Envoy; Event Horizon

It seems like every real-time with pause RPG is getting a turn-based mode these days, so it's odd to see a game travel in the opposite direction. Yet that's exactly what happened to Dark Envoy, the technology vs magic-themed tactical RPG announced last year by Polish indie studio Event Horizon, who apparently decided in the end to remain in the comfort zone established by their first title, the real-time dungeon crawler Tower of Time. In the game's first proper development update since last year, Event Horizon announced today that they now aim to release Dark Envoy around April or May next year. They've put together a nine minute gameplay reel that showcases the current state of the game. It includes the intro cinematic and character creation along with an assortment of combat and dialogue scenes.

We’ve been very silent, we know. But when you’re doing a big puzzle, until the shape of the illustration starts to appear, there is little to show.

We think we have that shape to show now. So if you wondered how Dark Envoy will play, what is the world we are creating and how (and if) it is related to Tower of Time, below you can find the 9 min showcase of gameplay.

Dark Envoy soundtrack is composed by Dawid Majewski (also Tower of Time composer). For us good music is essential for storytelling, so we hope you like the few samples we put in the clip.

On the release date -- we're changing it 2021, aiming for April/May.

It's later than we hoped for, unfortunately, but we can release the game only when fully satisfied with the quality, to ensure that Dark Envoy is a game worthy of your time and which you will remember playing.

We're working now on finalizing the first few hours of the game, so we can share a free beta/demo with you. Join our discord channel if you're interested to try the game, we will do the beta invites from our community there.


We will share updates more frequently now, we have so much to show you and we're pretty excited about that.

Perhaps we'll see more of the new Dark Envoy at Gamescom this weekend.

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