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Gamedec delayed to 2021

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Gamedec delayed to 2021

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 15 October 2020, 17:53:34

Tags: Anshar Studios; Gamedec

Gamedec was supposed to be out in 2020, but the longer the year has gone on with no release date announcement the more it seemed like a delay was inevitable. Today Anshar Studios announced that the game has been officially postponed to 2021. It seems that one of the primary reasons for the delay is the need to repair its shoddy English translation (which is something I've been warning about since last year). They also need more time to finalize some of the game's scenarios and implement backer content. Here's the announcement:

We have decided to postpone the premiere of Gamedec to 2021.

During the Kickstarter Campaign, we were fully open with our decision to make Gamedec a community-driven project - We wanted you to be an active factor in helping us create the game you would like to play. We try to keep you informed about the production status and provide you with information about our activities as often as possible.

Right now, two months after the Backer's Build release, we sat down and discussed the feedback many of you provided in the surveys or previews both by press and content creators. We realized that they were sincere, sometimes rough, but always beneficial and mind-opening, hence our decision to postpone the release date.

This made us understand that we're heading in the right direction with the game's production, and our branching system works well, but there is still room for improvement and much work to be done. We know that the decision to delay the release will help us deliver the consistency in the quality of the premise you've backed.

We are iterating many different aspects of the game to be sure they meet the high standards our community anticipates. We know that the dialogues (and their translation) need to be improved– That is one of the most commented problems from the Backer's Build Survey, and we want to deliver the quality we've promised during the campaign. Most of the in-game locations are done, but we are still iterating the meta-scenario factors and polishing the narrative branching. We will provide you with more information about that in the future, with more dev-diaries, content videos about the progress, and more.

As for user-created input – we promised space to deliver community-made assets that will find their place in the game's final build (graffiti, voice recordings, naming NPCs, or companies), and it is still a work in progress. In the following weeks, we will be reaching out to gather the input/content from you to process it into the game. Expect some emails/check the Discord Backer Channels for more info on that.

When it comes to physical rewards - they will be sent out to you shortly before the game's release so that you'll have them on the launch day, and at the moment, we are working on them to have the highest possible quality to satisfy you fully. You can also expect various updates on this matter, as we will try to show you the process of their creation and tell you a bit more about what it looks like "behind the scenes".

Gamedec is still set to debut on PC. Switch and other consoles are still confirmed, but we can't promise a simultaneous release.

Thank you for being such a fantastic community and for your continued support.

Anshar Studios CEO Lukasz Hacura spoke about some of these issues (and many other topics) in a rather interesting interview with a Polish gaming show called Faux Paux last month. If you'd like to learn more about Gamedec, a subtitled version of that was made available on Anshar's YouTube channel earlier this week.

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