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Burut on good CRPGs

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Burut on good CRPGs

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 11 May 2003, 17:07:22

Tags: Golden Land

Dmitry Glasnev and Sergey Bouravtsov, two of the Golden Land team, offer up a brief editorial on good CRPGs, in their own opinion:

The time of easy, "mail" tasks had passed - "go kill that one", "bring this thing". One, or better some alternative ways always must exist, when the player can choose regarding to the part he plays with his character. Of course, these ways must award the player in different ways and affect his relations with other characters. Easy moving around the gaming world must not be limited by plot ideally. Even such clumsy limitation as the presence of superstrong monsters in the place where the player should not go too soon, makes better impression than just denied access.​

Come back when you're level 10 does kind of annoy me.

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