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Colony Ship Update #51: Early Access on April 6th

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Colony Ship Update #51: Early Access on April 6th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 21 March 2021, 00:31:13

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

Vault Dweller has announced an exact release date for Colony Ship. Not in March in the end, but slightly afterwards on April 6th. The development update is extremely brief, so I'll supplement it with the twelve new screenshots that have been added to the game's Steam page.

Sorry for the radio silence, we worked non-stop for the last 6 weeks and I didn't want to post anything until the bulk of work was done, meaning no unexpected delays. It's done now (all that's left is visual polish), so the first chapter will be released on April 6. At this point we can honestly say we did our best. Hopefully you'll enjoy the game and help us make it better.

I updated our store page with 12 new screenshots; a new trailer is coming next week.
According to Vault Dweller, the Colony Ship Early Access build will cost $25 on launch. The price will gradually be increased as new content is added and the final release will cost $40.

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