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Mechajammer Kickstarter Update #31: Spring Status Report

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Mechajammer Kickstarter Update #31: Spring Status Report

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 3 June 2021, 01:16:50

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

It's been eight months since the last Kickstarter update for Mechajammer, which as we've learned is pretty normal for Whalenought. However, the game's backer beta continued to be updated during that time and it's actually pretty fun now. In today's Kickstarter update, Joe and Hannah reveal that some sort of release date announcement is planned for this month and that the beta build will soon be released to all backers. The update also includes details about the game's soundtrack, a look at some of the weirder vehicles that they've created, and information about backer reward fulfillment. Here's an excerpt:

There’s fun news about the game coming this month along with release dates, and we’ll be expanding testing for feedback to all of you. A huge thanks to all the alpha/beta backers for their input getting us this far, and shout out to Allen M for encouraging us down the warpath of the tick/tile way back when we were toying with the broader companion micromanagement. It has paid off splendidly. The feedback we’ve received from beta testers has been incredibly helpful as we’ve finalized the gameplay systems, and we've added an in-game bug reporting button recently as well.

There’ll be a campaign update for alpha/beta backers this weekend that we hope you can take a punch at, so if you have some time to check it out that would be wonderful. The forum has build notes you can comment on as well as the in-game reporter. Once everyone has their mitts on it, all you backers have exclusive access to the forum and can share your thoughts and dreams you have in those build notes, and about the game.

One of the remaining musical endeavors we’re doing are with the 13 gangs occupying the city, whom are going to have a unique score to go with them as you decide to level their facilities or strong arm an alliance for a pool of allies to buy. These are both fun to design as the main "dungeons" of the city (though most aren't in actual dungeons, sans Faith and a few others, most are offices or various city buildings), they all have their own flavored map for some puzzle of infiltration, NPC enemies and companion pools to (potentially) buy from, and enemy agents to (potentially) kill for level advancement.

Kevin has been making some absolutely wonderful tracks, emphasizing the game's focus of drenching you in ambience and getting just the perfect amount of camp for the gangs.

[slam this link for some jams]

[ In order ]
  • Tanked (dungeon crawl Mad Max style on the outskirts of the colony walls, things currently going wrong for you)
  • Dim (just dynamite ambience)
  • Fueled (some of the local bars and dives to find companions for hire and information)
  • Inside the Hive (The Hive gang, creep factor getting amplified, don't want to KO around here)
Finding the right company for a limited run vinyl version of the soundtrack that we’d like to send out early as well, as Kevin should be finishing the tracks this summer.

We’ve also been adding a plethora of vehicles, I think we're up to 30 now, including a rickshaw that up to 2 companions can jump in the back in (for shooting while driving), and Barry’s starting vehicle of choice for your gang which rivals the mystery machine, spawnable from your base.

We desperately need a wiki-like page devoted to the ruleset and items in the game that you could peruse (and that will also be part of the physical rewards), and we’re planning to get to that this summer so we don’t have to go outside.
We'll see about that release date announcement.

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