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Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - The Factory

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Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - The Factory

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 1 July 2021, 01:33:31

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

The first new location to be added to the Colony Ship Early Access build is the Factory, the abandoned industrial complex that now serves as a road between the Pit (where the game begins) and the Habitat (where the major factions dwell). We first learned about Vault Dweller's plans for the Factory way back in 2017 and it sounds like he's stuck to them, including a three way conflict between two local gangs and a mercenary outfit with five different outcomes. However, the stealth path isn't ready yet and will only be added next month. Here's the update announcement:

After two months of work we proudly present the next location - the Factory, an abandoned industrial complex sitting between the Pit and the Habitat (your current destination).

“Before the Mutiny, a rail system suspended high in the Factory's metal canopy would deliver citizens to the dismal warehouses and distribution facilities where they spent their working days. Not surprisingly, that's where the revolt started, quickly spreading throughout the Ship. The factories were looted and stripped for parts, the railway blown up to cut off the Mission Control from the Habitat and prevent reinforcements from pouring in.

Within a few decades, the Factory had been mostly abandoned until growing trade between the Pit and the Habitat turned it into a new Silk Road...”

It features a fun three-way between Thy Brother's Keepers, The Black Hand, and Detroit City, which can end in five different ways.

Right now you can fight or talk your way through. A stealth path will be added in July (if you played our first game, think infiltrating Antidas' palace, only in turn-based stealth mode).
Seems like Iron Tower haven't quite managed to stick to the schedule they laid out in the game's Early Access FAQ, but it's close enough.

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