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Monomyth coming to Kickstarter on July 27th

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Monomyth coming to Kickstarter on July 27th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 19 July 2021, 00:16:47

Tags: Monomyth; Rat Tower Software

Back in January we reported that Monomyth, the promising indie Ultima Underworld/Arx Fatalis successor whose development we've been following since 2017, would be coming to Kickstarter this year. It took RatTower a little longer than expected to conclude his academic work and set up his business, but he's now ready to announce that the Kickstarter campaign will be launching on July 27th. As promised, the campaign will launch with a public demo that will include the entire first part of the game. Here's the new Kickstarter trailer, which offers a look at exploration, combat, environmental interaction, and of course, baking bread.

Greetings, dungeon-crawling enthusiasts!

Today I bring you some great news:

Monomyth will be coming to Kickstarter on the 27th of July, 2021, at 7 pm CET / 1 pm EST.

As a part of this Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to try a demo of Monomyth yourself! In this demo you will travel to the Serpent's Bastion, an outpost of Lysandria, and a bulwark against the many dangers that lurk in the wastelands surrounding the ancient fortress.

You will be able to create your own character and customize its stats to your liking. The demo will feature dialogue, puzzles, combat, and the full tutorial area of the game - though, it won't hold your hand too much and there is enough room for exploration.

Why a Kickstarter?
You may wonder, why now? Why a Kickstarter after all these years. The answer is, that Monomyth is now entering a phase of development where certain costs arise (equipment, software tools, legal fees, etc), and some assets - most of all the music - have to be done by contractors. While I do a lot of assets myself I am not a musician, so, besides financing core development, that is where the money would go.

So, when will Monomyth be released?
There is still some content to be made, some dialogue to be written and some assets to be created. Feature-wise Monomyth is already on a good track. There will still be some changes to NPCs and the AI.

Monomyth is scheduled for Q2, 2022.

Originally I wanted to go for early 2022 - and I still think that is realistic - but I do not wish to delay it yet another time in case something unforeseen pops up. I tried to calculate a realistic goal and added a little bit. This time is actually a hard deadline. If you followed past updates you know that this is now my full-time job, and given how it went over the last couple of months I would really like it if it stayed that way.
As stated, the final release of Monomyth is scheduled for Q2 2022. RatTower already has plans for what he might be doing afterwards, which you can read about it in the full announcement.

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Because why not

TARGET: $2,000 USD

RAISED: $1,451.43 USD (72%)

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