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Der Geisterjäger Released

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Der Geisterjäger Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 26 August 2021, 21:46:26

Tags: Der Geisterjäger; Graverobber Foundation

Der Geisterjäger ("The Ghost Hunter") is the third installment in the ongoing series of cyberpunk wireframe dungeon crawlers by the Codex's own zwanzig_zwoelf. In this episode, your mech pilot is sent after a corporate squad who have gone missing while pursuing an unknown assailant. According to zwanzig, the game turned out much more ambitious than he originally planned, with a greatly expanded character upgrade system. Sounds cool! Here's the launch trailer and description:

Der Geisterjäger is a brutal single-character dungeon crawler that provides a unique combination of first-person exploration with tactical combat. After the disappearance of a corporate squad during pursuit of an unknown assailant, you're sent to investigate, confirm their status, and help them finish their mission.


Get in your mech, explore the dungeon, and use all tools at your disposal to survive through harsh turn-based battles against security robots and other mechs. Search the map for useful items that will assist you in your mission, examine your surroundings to learn more about the world and events within it, and use navigation markers to avoid getting lost in this claustrophobic network of tunnels.


You're regularly outnumbered and outgunned, but you've got the tools to counter that. Analyze your enemies to learn their strengths and weaknesses, pick the right weapon, stay on the move to avoid getting surrounded, and watch your flanks and stance. Knowing when to fight and when to run is essential to survive in this harsh underground world.


Use repair stations to upgrade your Robotic Combat Suit, abilities, and weapons, survive through battles to improve your pilot's performance in the field, and kill enemies even more efficiently as your Robotic Combat Suit analyzes their behavior. Customize your resistances and weaknesses using blueprints found in the field to fine-tune your build. Whether you want to be a heavy-armored brute, a projectile-dodging assassin, or a jack of all trades, the game allows you to get stronger in a way you see fit.


The game sports a unique wireframe-like graphics style to simulate the scanner of your Robotic Combat Suit. These unique visuals are supported by an atmospheric electronic soundtrack that submerges you in the dying world beyond the scanner.

Der Geisterjäger is available on Steam for $18, with a 10% launch discount until next week. But will Darth Roxor find time in his busy schedule to review it?

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