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Wartales now available on Early Access

Wartales now available on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 2 December 2021, 01:10:59

Tags: Shiro Games; Wartales

As promised last month, Shiro Games' mercenary band tactical RPG Wartales was released into Early Access today. Since the game was announced back in June, there have been eleven development updates plus the Steam Next Fest demo which has now been taken down. But there's not much to say about it other than it's clearly a take on the Battle Brothers formula with a more conventional visual style. The Early Access release trailer appears to be an extended version of last month's release date trailer:

Shiro seem to have made an effort to promote Wartales before its release. A number of websites have published previews of the Early Access build, including Rock Paper Shotgun who also had free copies of the game for their subscribers this week. The general impression seems to be that it's a bit raw but promising. Here's the list of previews:

Wartales is available on Steam for $35 with a 10% launch discount until next week, a price some may call excessive for an Early Access title. Gotta pay a premium for the legs, I guess. According to the Early Access FAQ, Shiro are aiming for a final launch about a year from now.

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