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Stargate: Timekeepers is Commandos with Jaffa

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Stargate: Timekeepers is Commandos with Jaffa

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Tue 14 December 2021, 19:51:19

Tags: CreativeForge Games; Slitherine; Stargate: Timekeepers

In case you missed the news earlier this year, Slitherine announced they'd be publishing a game in the Stargate universe, namely Stargate: Timekeepers, to be developed by CreativeForge Games (Hard West, Phantom Doctrine).

Everyone who's ever watched Stargate SG-1 will tell you that the show probably comes the closest to being "X-COM: The TV Series" as you can get, so a sane man would expect a "tactical computer game" to follow the formula of the beloved classic. Well... a gameplay video was released today, as seen below.

Ein Verletzter! JAFFA KREE!​

It's anyone's guess why the video comes with no sound had to be re-released with sound the next day after putting up, but the gameplay should definitely look familiar to you. Yep, it's a Commandos clone. Not exactly what I expected, but it makes sense when you think about it. Too bad that this footage looks so lazy and uninspired.

At the moment, Stargate: Timekeepers is "coming soon," and promises 14 "narrative-rich missions" where "choices matter" (yeah right). You will control a team of 6 specialists and sneak behind enemy lines to break out... OF ZE TIMELOOP!

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