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Islands of the Caliph is an upcoming Arabian Nights-themed single character dungeon crawler

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Islands of the Caliph is an upcoming Arabian Nights-themed single character dungeon crawler

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 4 March 2022, 16:03:11

Tags: Islands of the Caliph; Schmidt Workshops

The latest Codex-relevant title to show up on Steam is a a single-character grid-based dungeon crawler called Islands of the Caliph. It's the latest creation of Chicago-based indie developer Michael Schmidt, who appears to have begun working on it sometime last year. The game is inspired by the classic RPGs of the 1980s and as the title suggests is set in an Arabian Nights-themed seafaring island civilization. Here's its announcement trailer and description:

Islands of the Caliph imagines an ancient, seafaring Middle Eastern empire, spanning several islands to which the player may venture and explore.

Set in a fictional Island civilization, Islands of the Caliph is a unique mash-up of the old school RPGs the developer played in the 1980s, and Middle Eastern folklore and religion.

Numerous mythical and dangerous beasts lurk in waiting as you explore and discover new lands. From giant spiders and scorpions, to more supernatural beings like ghouls and jinn, Islands of the Caliph will introduce players to some of the creatures of folklore of Arab, Persian and African cultures among others.

Weapons are an important tool you will need to overcome adversaries. Find new weapons while adventuring or buy them from a merchant. Each weapon has different stats, so paying careful attention will help you to equip the best items.

As you explore, your map with be updated automatically. Use it to keep track of your location and to discover new routes of exploration. A small mini map appears in the corner of the screen while exploring, but you can open it to view the whole area when needed.

Many hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered by a brave adventurer. Some chests have coins, while others may have items to take. You may also use treasure chests to store items you don't need, but are not quite ready to sell.

The player must explore this open world and discover the game's primary quest for themselves. The game seeks to capture some of the open-endedness of classic RPGs like Might & Magic, Ultima and Bards Tale, with some modern conveniences. The player will be offered quests by some of the game's NPCs. Some of these quests will be required to make progress in the game's main story, while others will be optional. It is up to the player to figure out which is which, though often it will be obvious in the context given.​

According to its Steam page, Islands of the Caliph is releasing on February 1st next year. I'm not sure about an ancient Middle Eastern setting with Greek music and cornfields, but it seems colorful and interesting enough.

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