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The Iron Oath interrogation at TBL

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The Iron Oath interrogation at TBL

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 10 May 2022, 01:58:02

Tags: Chris Wingard; Curious Panda Games; Nik Mueller; The Iron Oath

Turn Based Lovers has an interview with Chris Wingard and Nik Mueller of The Iron Oath, which is a strategy/tactical style CRPG for those who have never heard of it. There's also a trailer if you're interested. Anyway, the discussion is arond their Kickstarter, how cool Humble is, the influences of the game, and so much more. Here's 1/10th of the full enchilada:

As for inspirations from other games, I thought a lot about Darkest Dungeon when playing Iron Oath. Would you say that is a correct inspiration for your game or there would be something else?

For sure! We loved the tense dungeon crawls of Darkest Dungeon, where your characters were always a few tactical missteps away from death. Another big inspiration for us was D&D, especially with our narrative design – we wanted it to feel like a dungeon master was narrating the events to you. There are definitely a few others, such as XCOM, Battle Brothers, and classic CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate.

Those are some interesting influences. I kind of would love to know what about those things were the influences as opposed to the laundry list of games.

Anyway, if you're interested in it after reading the interview, GOG link and Steam link.

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