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Marvel's Midnight Suns releasing on October 7th

Marvel's Midnight Suns releasing on October 7th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 June 2022, 15:47:14

Tags: Firaxis Games; Jake Solomon; Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns, the Marvel universe card-based tactical RPG from Firaxis announced last year, was originally supposed to have been out this March. After seeing the initial reactions from the community, Firaxis announced their decision to postpone the game's release back in November. Could that mean they were going to drop the card-based combat? Yesterday during the Summer Game Fest opening event, amongst countless sci-fi horror game trailers, there was also a new cinematic trailer for Midnight Suns announcing a release date of October 7th.

There's no gameplay here, but there are plenty of details about it in the new batch of hands-on previews that were published across the web alongside the announcement. Some of the previews claim the game is totally like XCOM and others say it's the anti-XCOM, but all confirm that yes, the cards are still there.

This was the only news announced yesterday that was (barely) relevant to Codex interests. There'll be more stuff happening over the weekend, but I guess the Xbox Showcase on Sunday is going to be the main event for RPGs.

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