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Proof of the Existence of Fallout 3?

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Proof of the Existence of Fallout 3?

Game News - posted by Exitium on Sun 25 May 2003, 09:07:38

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Josh Sawyer

First of all let me say that Killzig of is THE MAN for getting this scoop. He received the following e-mail a short while ago and it definitel sounds like the first ever solid piece of evidence to prove that Fallout 3 is in fact in development:

Howdy DAC guys,

In my lurking of the Something Awful forums I noticed this desktop thread, posted by Ropekid who as is my understanding works for Black Isle. I can't really prove that but I'm sure someone at your neck of the woods can. Ropekid posted this desktop. Which seems interesting for 2 reasons. Firstly on the Top right there is an network link icon for a "F3 Project Server". No doubt this could mean many things but I can't help thinking the obvious =). Secondly his very desktop, a 'Gasbot'. I find this interesting has it reminds me of the style used in much of the Icewind Dale 1/2 concept and character work. Also as you can see it has a bit of a 1950' Sci Fi vibe to it. Fallout 3 concept work perhaps? Perhaps not. Im sure there are more but I'll let you guys pick it to peices.

Josh 'Arach' Hull.

I've gotten good word (from Killzig and others who frequent the SA Forums) that Josh is indeed correct in his assumption that Ropekid is indeed a Black Isle Studios employee. Ropekid is in fact J.E. Sawyer, the man with a penchant for revealing games on his desktop - remember the Jefferson desktop? Which brings to note the absolute absence of Jefferson desktop items in that picture so we can only assume now that development of Jefferson has stopped, hopefully for the time being only.

As Killzig states: You can pretty much gather that Jefferson has been put on indefinite hold on account of licensing issues and BIS has tossed their full force behind a Fallout 3.

This is definitely something we love to hear.

Oh yeah, it looks like a Nuka Cola machine with hydraulics, arms and legs.

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