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Space Wreck now available on Early Access

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Space Wreck now available on Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 5 December 2022, 23:00:00

Tags: Pahris Entertainment; Space Wreck

Space Wreck, the promising Fallout-inspired isometric RPG set aboard a derelict spacecraft from veteran Codexer Kamaz, was released into Early Access today as promised. As opposed to the free demo, which remains available, the Early Access build of Space Wreck includes all of the game's planned content. Kamaz intends to use the Early Access period to gather feedback from players and fix bugs (which are apparently plentiful). Here's the launch trailer, which is identical to last month's release date trailer except for the ending slide, and an excerpt from the release announcement:

Put on your helmet and close the hatch - the full version of Space Wreck has been launched into Early Access orbit!​
If you choose to press THE BUTTON, there is an adventure ahead. Granted, it won't be smooth sailing, there are space pirates, rebels, tricky situations, and complicated solutions. And that's just one part of it - you would also be going in where "no man has gone before" - into fresh, rough, dangerous content that has not enjoyed months of public scrutiny yet.​
I mean, there will be bugs. And I don't mean green-blooded squishy ones.​
What Full Version Early Access means?
All of the planned content, 100%, is available to you with this version. However - while we have tested on our own - the sheer range of possibilities and combinations is beyond our reach, hence we expect a fair share of bugs in there as well. This is why it is early access.​
How can I help?
By buying a game! :D Space Wreck has been developed by a small two-person team where we both have day jobs and limited time for development. We also have had practically 0 budget. If it turns out that people actually want to pay money for this game, we might have more options in the future!​
But the other - very important - thing you can do is to give feedback. We improved the game greatly when we released the Early Access demo; the game changed significantly over the year and a half - as you can see in older videos, it was quite different. The Steam message boards here or discord, even Twitter - we keep an eye on these channels, so drop by, say hi and tell us what you think!​
One very specific thing you can do, though, that will have an immediate and significant effect: if you buy the game, you can then leave a Steam review. If we get at least 10 or more of these (and probably positive) in the first 24 hours, the Steam algorithm will grant some additional exposure which will give us a chance to show off the game to more people.​
What's next?
Full release sometime in the next 6-8 months, hopefully. And, depending on reception, we'll see if the game warrants an expansion, so leave a review ^^^ if you want to see more of this type of game!​
The Space Wreck Early Access build is available on Steam for a cool $15, with a 15% launch discount until next week. As mentioned, the final release is expected within six to eight months, at which point the game's price point will likely increase. Seems like a good idea to grab it now.

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