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Wartales Released

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Wartales Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 12 April 2023, 22:06:41

Tags: Shiro Games; Wartales

Wartales, the open world mercenary band RPG from prolific French indie developer Shiro Games, was released today after over 16 months in Early Access. The game has received a hefty final update, adding a new region to its world map, full voice acting(!), various graphical improvements and plenty of other tweaks. It seems like it's come a long way, though its release trailer is identical to the release date announcement trailer from last month.

There are a handful of launch day reviews of Wartales. Some are quite positive, while others found the game still incomplete feeling or simply boring. That doesn't seem to be bothering most of its 9000+ reviewers on Steam though, so I suspect it's going to do all right.

Finger Guns 6/10​
NME 3/5​

Wartales is available on Steam now for $35, with a generous 25% launch discount until April 24th. If the idea of a more accessible Battle Brothers without procedural generation and with legs is appealing to you and you've been putting it off, I'd say now is the time to check this game out.

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