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Colony Ship Early Access Update: Mission Control Lower Levels

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Colony Ship Early Access Update: Mission Control Lower Levels

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 8 July 2023, 21:16:58

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

In a development update published back in May, Iron Tower announced that they'd decided to split the update roadmap for Colony Ship further. As such, the location update released today only includes the lower levels of Mission Control, without the Armory. That's probably due to the fact that the new area of Mission Control includes two rather unique characters: the upgradable robot companion Romeo and the fearsome mutant beast known as Ol' Beelzebub. Players will also be able to find some interesting ship lore down there, a snippet of which is included in the update announcement.

Your adventure continues: now you can visit the lower levels of Mission Control, fight Ol' Beelzebub, fix and deploy Romeo, further upgrade your implants, enjoy quality of life and balance improvements, and learn more about the Ship:

Like oversized Tarot cards, these elaborately decorated panels tell the visitors their past, present, and future.

The first panel, named Hell, depicts a fragment of urban life on Earth: a dark sub-level - you can't really call it a street - lit by angry fires that have nothing left to consume.

Nothing can thrive or grow down there, nothing but pale, malnourished castaways, clinging to life with the tenacity of despair.

Far above is a glimpse of a railway overpass, its warning lights unable to pierce the darkness below. Higher still are the towers, reaching for the polluted sky, and the silvery traffic network between them.

The bottom dwellers dream of landing a factory job and taking a train to work one day; the wage-slaves riding the trains are driven by the fear of ending up at the bottom and the dream of making it into one of those towers; and in the towers, an empty man surrounded by nothing but material possessions yearns for death.

Waves of despair wash over you, until you step back, beyond the range of the hidden broadcaster.

The next panel is titled Purgatory and it depicts the Ship as it once was or perhaps how it was imagined back on Earth. Generations of colonists working tirelessly to create the tools the future generations would use to tame Proxima. Their lives are hard, but they're driven by purpose and hope, which is what separates them from their squalor-dwelling brethren back on Earth.

Through this sacrifice the wretched will be purified and the children of their children will be admitted into New Eden. This is the true gift of the Founding Fathers...

The broadcaster kicks in full gear, filling you with gratitude and a desire to purge away your sins through labor.

And finally the last panel. You don't need to read the sign to know what this is - a homesteader's paradise.

A land - *your* land, suggests the broadcaster, planting the idea in your head - stretching green as far as the eye can see, blue sky, free of smog and traffic, and your very own home, a place you will build with your own hands.

The more you stare at the shifting images, the more you want it and you can't tell for sure if it's the broadcaster selling you the dream or a deeply supressed desire.

You'll never know if things were as bleak as the panels paint it, but the colonists needed to believe their ancestors made the right call escaping hellish Old Earth and setting out for the paradise of New Eden.

According to the roadmap, the armory update should be out by the end of July. However, that was written back when this update was scheduled for release in June, so I wouldn't bet on it.

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