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Sovereign Syndicate releasing on January 15th

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Sovereign Syndicate releasing on January 15th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 9 October 2023, 16:10:09

Tags: Crimson Herring Studios; Sovereign Syndicate


October 9th - London awaits! Crimson Herring Studios are proud to announce that Sovereign Syndicate, their tarot focused steampunk adventure set in a fantastical Victorian take on The Big Smoke, is launching next year on January 15th, 2024.

See the docklands from the perspective of three different characters, with NPCs reacting differently to each one's gender, race, appearance, & dialogue choices. Carve your path with forward by employing magic, persuasion, or even fisticuffs, with your decisions building up your character's skills and causing others to stagnate. Pick the right cards from the deck, manage your humors, and watch how your actions affect the temper of the city, pushing it to brink of despair or putting it on a path to redemption.

You can play the recently updated demo for Sovereign Syndicate right now on Steam as part of Next Fest and get acquainted while waiting for the game's release next year.​

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