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Alpha Protocol gets an enhanced rerelease on GOG after five years in licensing hell

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Alpha Protocol gets an enhanced rerelease on GOG after five years in licensing hell

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 20 March 2024, 20:52:55

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment; SEGA


When we started our journey 15 years ago, one of our most important goals was to do our best to preserve games and make them last forever. Allowing video games history, once-loved gems, to be lost in time, is something we cannot just stand and watch – we fight, for current and future generations to be able to enjoy games; all games, not just the newest, popular releases. Today, we stand proudly by our mission, and we’re extremely happy to announce the re-release of a cherished classic that, thanks to our efforts, has been successfully archived in the GOG catalog, to enjoy anew.

Alpha Protocol is back – better than ever, with a -10% launch discount until April 3rd, 2 PM UTC!

That’s right, this Alpha Protocol, the Espionage RPG, is making a grand return 14 years after its initial premiere. With conjoined forces of GOG, Obsidian Entertainment and SEGA, we’ve made sure to make it better than ever; compatible with modern PCs, with licensed soundtrack and performance improvements that are sure to make this timeless classic, yet again, your favorite spy story.

But that’s not all we have up our sleeves, of course! For this incredibly special occasion, we’ve prepared a one-of-a-kind documentary video, where the process of bringing back Alpha Protocol is extensively explained – including interviews with its creators, as well as our own team members. You can watch it below!

Good, old adventures of agent Michael Thorton come back with:

Licensed soundtrack;
Achievements support;
Full controller support (Dualsense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox Series or Xbox One controller);
Localization support;
Compatibility with modern operating systems;
Cloud saves support.

Now, buckle up, and jump right into this timeless gem – now preserved forever!


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