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Lair Of The Leviathan is an upcoming pixel art RPG inspired by the Gold Box and other classics

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Lair Of The Leviathan is an upcoming pixel art RPG inspired by the Gold Box and other classics

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 28 April 2024, 20:00:00

Tags: Lair Of The Leviathan; Nostalgic Realms


Lair of the Leviathan is an old school rpg based on classics from the past such as Baldurs gate 1 and 2, Phantasie, Ultima and the SSi Goldbox games. I grew up playing these games and wanted to make something similar as there has been a shift away from this type of rpg in recent years in favour of roguelikes and deckbuilding rpgs.

Essentially there are the classic four main parts to gameplay: world exploration dungeon exploration, combat and npc/party interaction. It is your typical classic rpg formula we all know and love from the past. No roguelike random elements other than a random encounter system (not just random combat! events like the original fallout games)

It all begins in your main hub town. After completing the initial introduction you are free to explore the world, finding towns and quests and secret locations on your own with minimum hand holding. Remember those days before everything was marked on the map for you and you were railroaded into a particular course of action? This is that kind of game. Want to head west to that creepy looking swamp and see what that's about? go for it? Want to ignore the rumours you heard in the local tavern about ogres being seen in the northern path and just go there? You can do that too!

Combat is challenging and turn based. I know turn based combat isn't everyone's cup of tea but I am trying to find ways to make it more interesting. For example every encounter is important and can sap your resources. There are also a large variety of skills to use making it interesting and fun to try out different combos. The last thing I want is boring autopilot combat like some games do.

There is a main storyline but it's up to you when you want to do that. Everything pushes you further north where strange things are said to be happening but you can do it at your own pace and in your own way. I hate when games force are too linear and force me into experiencing things a certain way. It is linear but there are minimum cut scenes and those that exist are very short and are there to add a bit of spice, not be the main meal.

I don't know if that clears anything but I guess the tldr is: Explore a big open world, find interesting locations and dungeons, kill monsters, level up your party members and push north to ever increasing danger and glory.​


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