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MCA Wades in to the Wake of the Fallout TV Show

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MCA Wades in to the Wake of the Fallout TV Show

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 21 May 2024, 21:14:08

Tags: Chris Avellone; Fallout; Fallout TV Show

The venerable Chris Avellone, who doesn't have nearly as nice hair as I do but still better than Josh Sawyer's hair, has posted the first chapter of his review on the Fallout TV Series. The first part talks about the characters, and gives a few glimpses of what's to come. There's also several asides, like reasons to discount the review, a few things about the original games, some tidbits about who might enjoy this though that may be unintentional, and a whole lot more!

My feeling was, starting with Episode 5, things started going downhill and the problems grew. I think this is natural because the opening episodes focused more on immediate predicaments, but as the series and world opens up and the full motivations for the cast become more apparent, the larger questions start showing up, and those don’t have good answers.

Now, I’m going to talk a little about lore, retcons, and older Fallouts vs. the series, and these don’t have good answers, either — and may be answers you don’t want to hear.

Of course, the lore stuff is teased, but will be in the second part of this review. Why drop the good stuff first, right? Of course, if you're waiting for a massive dump of lore issues, freestyle style, there's this playlist from Creetosis. It's about 16 hours, and there's a lot of mostly reactions to things, but there's some solid lore punching as well. They also talk about how awful the writing is.

Thanks to agris for giving me the push to decide to post this. I was heavily on the fence about it. But then I realized that not all members of the forum have access to the forum where most of this is discussed. For reasons? Who knows.

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