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Pirates of the Caribbean E3 gander at GamesFirst

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Pirates of the Caribbean E3 gander at GamesFirst

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 June 2003, 16:29:38

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

GamesFirst offers up a page of preview about Pirates of the Caribbean. In it, they discuss sailing and the combat you'll have there, trading with ports, the need for a crew, and so forth. Here's a taste:

Depth is definitely the word of the day for Pirates of the Caribbean. A robust economy allows players to pursue a rewarding career as a merchant, or even a smuggler. Ships don?t sail themselves so you?ll need to seek out sailors to man your vessel and also watch your back during combat. You can even delegate the ships you take control of to your most trusted men so that they may spread your influence abroad. It?s quite possible to have your own small fleet. You?ll command many ships during your tenure and equipping them is your responsibility. This may seem a bit intimidating, shopping for cannons, sails, rigging, and the like, but the developers have struck a good balance between the danger of tedious busy work and the more practical aspects of pirate life that end up being pretty entertaining.​

I kind of like the options here, smuggler or merchant trader or pirate or.. If done right, this game could be damned nice.

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