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Long, long Oxygen interview.. Right here!

Long, long Oxygen interview.. Right here!

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 16 June 2003, 15:08:12

Tags: Oxygen

Ariel Chai, developer of Oxygen, was kind enough to answer the thirteen questions of dread and dispair we normally issue the worthy, which you can read by clicking here. Here's the typical sample that should make you want to read more:

12.) Listening to gossip is one of the things in your overview on the game. Can you tell us what role gossip might play in the game? Will gossip be free or for sale? Will there be things the pilot can do to affect the importance of the gossip he receives? Certain skills or statistics that might allow a well known or charismatic pilot to get more gossip from people?

Gossip helps making track of what's been happening around that part of the galaxy, and special opportunities (such as someone looking for a special mission, a special plasma-blaster deal at station-x, etc...), information about planets/stations (for example, station-x in the vorvul system offer high-tech fighters)

The main skill effect on gossip would be his negotiation skill, while having a negative reputation/loyalty with the person you talk to will likely have him/her ignore you. however, obviously - luck is the main effect on gossip.

As for buying gossip, it's a little rough to decide now since it hasn't been implemented yet, if there will be very useful gossip then it would be proper to have a price for it.​

Nothing like a little hot gossip to keep things primed and ready for the player!

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