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Pirates of the Caribbean keelhaulled at Netjak

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Pirates of the Caribbean keelhaulled at Netjak

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 9 July 2003, 21:50:07

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

There's a review of Pirates of the Caribbean on Netjak which isn't very pretty at all. They give the title a whopping 4.2/10, saying the only really good thing about it are the graphics.

Now, back into the game. Combat has little to do with stats and all to do with how you control the game. This would have been fine had the game been set up as an action game from the start, but it functions like Morrowind. In Pirates, if you are not blocking when the other guy swings, you will get hit regardless of any other skills. They only reduce damage done. So, combat involves simply holding down the right mouse button (block), let the guy wail on you, and hit him when there is a brief opening. Occasionally, you can dodge back a couple times and let loose a gun shot, and assuming it hits, do a bit of damage. Block, swing, wait for the gun to reload (you have unlimited ammunition for some reason) and repeat.​

That's really rather disappointing.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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