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PotC gets a little lovin at ActionTrip

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PotC gets a little lovin at ActionTrip

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 9 July 2003, 21:57:38

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

A more happy review of Pirates of the Caribbean has been posted on Action Trip, giving it a very good and an 81/100 score. There is a complete section devoted to them switching from Sea Dogs 2 to this title, though. Here's a taste from near the end of the thing:

Still, the fact remains that the sequel still suffers from evidence of cheap production. As I have mentioned, the few voices that have been recorded for this game will get highly repetitive in no-time. Not to mention that some of the accents sound way too unconvincing. Similarly to the voiceovers, it seems that Akella didn't want to bother too much with character modeling. The NPC character models are way too repetitive and I just can't understand why they (Akella) didn't find some random method of changing their appearance-if only ever so slightly. For a game that's supposed to convey the atmosphere of a living and breathing Caribbean archipelago the programmers sure neglected to take care of some very important subtleties of one such endeavor. It's also worth noting that some of the tunes that were featured in the original also found their way in the sequel?! It's just more evidence of publishers trying to cut budget costs?​

Very, very disappointing.

Spotted this at Blue's News as well.

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