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Restricted Area character system article

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Restricted Area character system article

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 10 July 2003, 09:38:48

Tags: Restricted Area

For those wanting a bit of an action CRPG with a sci-fi/cyberpunk theme, we've just posted our first article on the character system of Restricted Area, covering the attributes and background information about the skills system.

A major feature in every RPG is experience, as this is one of the key motivations to play the game. The player character gets experience points for dispatching enemies and also for completing quests and finding secrets. For a certain amount of experience he receives a level up, the experience needed to get the next level up is always higher than the last one - nothing new to you I guess. The highest achievable level is 100. We choose to set a limit as this helps to balance the characters and it´s an interesting goal for very advanced players which have done "everything else", but it´s so high that we don´t expect someone to reach it during the first months. After a level up you get 10 so-called development points for your skills and you may increase an attribute of your choice by 1. We decided to make attribute points rare as in reality it´s easier to learn a new ability as it is to increase your basic attributes. Attributes reach from your characters starting value (3 would be a "normal" human, but they are a little better) to 5 times this value, while all skills start with level 0 and can be increased until they reach level 10.​

I like difficult attribute raising, and I agree with the reason behind it.

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