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Riftrunner posers and ponders at HomeLAN Fed

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Riftrunner posers and ponders at HomeLAN Fed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 10 July 2003, 13:32:39

Tags: Beyond Divinity

HomeLAN Fed serves up a steaming plate of questions and answers with Larian developer, Swen Vincke about Riftrunner. Here's a bit of the juice:

HomeLAN - What sort of playable characters will be available in Riftrunner?

Swen Vincke - Contrary to Divine Divinity, players will be able to completely customize their characters. Additionally, the system is now totally classless ? i.e. you literally will be able to play according to your preferred style. When you start up the game you can decide your looks as well as your starting stats as well as specify your initial skills.​

Classless is good. I kind of wondered why the first had classes, since it didn't really do much beyond one ability and a few levels of attribute gaining.

PS to JCal: Let's not encourage CRPG developers to make console games and different genre games with their CRPG settings, shall we?

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