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Escape Velocity Nova for Windows released

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Escape Velocity Nova for Windows released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 12 July 2003, 02:48:26

Tags: Escape Velocity Nova

Escape Velocity Nova. It's done, and it's now available for download.

Rochester, NY -- July 11, 2003 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced today the release of EV Nova for Windows, a port of the epic third title in the incredibly popular Escape Velocity series for the Macintosh. It features stunning graphics for throughout the game, a huge new universe and an in-depth plotline with 6 different major storylines to keep you on the edge of your seat.

You can download it here now:


EV Nova finds you, a young pilot with a brand-new shuttlecraft, full power cells, and an entire universe to explore. You must choose which missions to take, which people to trust and which gear to buy. Will a rack of solar panels be more useful than a shiny new laser turret? Which ship has the best layout for your playing style? You'll be able to choose from literally hundreds of ships and upgrades in your journeys.

"The Auroran warlord looked out into space from the bridge of his carrier. All around his ship were strewn destroyed or disabled vessels, both Federation and Auroran. Not more than an hour ago they had been functional, powerful weapons, poised to deal death at each other across the blackness of the interstellar gulf. Now they were nothing more than torn fragments of metal..."​

Start your downloads, gentlemen.

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