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PIrates of the Carribean reviewed at GameZone

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PIrates of the Carribean reviewed at GameZone

Review - posted by Spazmo on Tue 15 July 2003, 00:06:19

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

GameZone has reviewed the recent piratey RPG, Pirates of the Carribean. They're rather fond of it, giving it a score of 7.9 and using bad pirate puns throughout the review, the scurvy dogs.

Pirates of the Caribbean (which I will refer to as PotC going forward due to laziness reasons) revolves around captain Nathaniel Hawk as he wakes up in the town of Oxbay after a rough storm battered his ship and washed some of his crew off deck. There is a guy who meets up with you and offers to show you around and give you a little tutorial on how to move, get items, equip things, fight, block, and begin completing objectives that you get up front like “buy a new spyglass” and “sell your cargo of chocolate and leather”. You don’t have to do the tutorial, nor do you really have to any of the objectives, but it’s nice that it was included when you first begin and will help you get started the right way. After doing everything you need to do, you set sail at which time a nifty cut scene comes up where you find out that Oxbay was attacked and taken over by French forces, and you were the only vessel that made it out on a mission to inform the English of the attack and occupation.​

The French... won a battle? Well, I suppose that as soon as you get the skeleton pirates, realism is a mere pipe dream, but this is still disappointingly inaccurate.

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