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Brief Q&A with Jan Beuck at GameZone

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Brief Q&A with Jan Beuck at GameZone

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 16 July 2003, 06:32:53

Tags: Restricted Area

GameZone have done an interview with master creating's Jan Beuck about the upcoming sci-fi action CRPG, Restricted Area. Here's Jan's reply to the advantages of PCs vs. consoles.

Jan: Since the 3D cards came up the PC has been much more powerful than any console, resulting in higher visual quality. Another advantage is that it's the most spreaded platform, and that internet and network access in no problem at all, so multiplayer games are easy to use and patches are no problem. Another big plus are the controls – while console games have to be easy, PC games can be more complex due to the keyboard, and menus are easier to handle because of the mouse. However, the PC also has a disadvantage: As all PCs are different it́s hard to develop a game that works everywhere and always looks the same.
We considered a Xbox conversion, but most likely RA will be published exclusively for PC as the Xbox wouldn’t be able to support the high resolution the game has been optimized for.​

I think everyone should just develop for the Commodore 64.

Spotted at Blues News

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