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RPGDot Interviews Linda Currie

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RPGDot Interviews Linda Currie

Interview - posted by Exitium on Wed 16 July 2003, 21:22:30

Tags: Jagged Alliance 2; SirTech

Linda Currie of Jagged Alliance 2 (SirTech) fame has been kind enough to oblige a personal interview with RPGDot. Here's a portion of the dating session:

RPGDot: Your favourite singer/band and record?
Linda Currie: Favorite singer? like movies, I have periodic favorites until I wear them out? for instance right now I really like Coldplay. And in a strange twist for me have been listening lately to The Eminem Show. But overall I'd choose Peter Gabriel because there's so much of his work that I really like.
You can check out the rest of the interview at Tiger Beat.

For a good designer, I must really boo her musical tastes, though.

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