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RPGDot reviews Shadows of Undrentide

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RPGDot reviews Shadows of Undrentide

Review - posted by Spazmo on Thu 24 July 2003, 21:11:00

Tags: Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide

RPGDot has a review of Bioware's "RPG" expansion, Shadows of Undrentide. They rather liked it, giving it an 81%.

Xanos... Stimpy. Stimpy. STIMPY! In the second part of the module I took great pleasure in letting monsters rip him to pieces. Repeatedly. I put him on sorcerer only level up because early on he displayed an amazing knack to barbarian rage, charge into a horde of enemies, and, instead of hitting them with a greatsword for 2d6+5 or so, drop everything and cast a level 0 spell (ray of frost... 1d3). Woo. Ha. I figured if he was going to be an idiot I would make sure he had plenty of spells and little inclination to charge.

After the third fireball in a row I sucked up (fighting skeletons that were hardly fireball required hard targets) I use improved knockdown and hacked him to pieces. NPCs are indestructible after the first chapter, though, so he just whined at me as I swung. It was ok though... I was a Blackguard. I made my own friends, and the succubus ally I summoned was infinitely more reliable.

Nice one, BioWare AI programmers!

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