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Live in fear - EVN review up

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Live in fear - EVN review up

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 25 July 2003, 17:14:20

Tags: Ambrosia Software; Escape Velocity Nova

For those who've been asking for it, our review of Escape Velocity Nova has been posted and is all ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. So, read it.

However, just because there are all those issues with the game, doesn't make it a bad game at all. There are some wonderful features to the game, which are very enjoyable. In fact, EVN is a highly engaging and addictive experience. There's something to be said for the thrill of hunting pirates to not only score some cash, but to gain a new escort and improve your legal standing. There's something to be said about a title that allows you to run a star line, ferrying rich passengers willing to pay through the nose just to enjoy a taste of a vacation around the galaxy. The problems with the game, while tedious and annoying - downright frustrating at times, are still outweighed by what's offered.​

PS. Captain Love is a cool name, despite what Spazmo says.

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