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Paradise Cracked brings home the bacon at ESCMag

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Paradise Cracked brings home the bacon at ESCMag

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 26 July 2003, 02:29:00

Tags: Paradise Cracked

ESCMag has posted their review of Paradise Cracked, comparing it to both Fallout and X-Com, which is pretty positive. Of course, there are complaints in the thing as well, but here's a positive clip:

What's interesting is that Paradise Cracked is a turn-based strategy RPG very reminiscent of the X-COM games. At a time when real-time rules over all, you've got to give credit to any company willing to remind folks just why turn-based games are fun. You can't just rush into battle - you have to plan shots, open lanes of fire, find places to hide between turns. Why all the emphasis on combat actions? Well, Paradise Cracked is heavy on the combat.

Very heavy. Missions generally involve fighting to a certain location, killing someone and fighting back. Even delivery missions mean blasting through waves of hostiles. That's sort of a shame. I was hoping for more William Gibson than Road Warrior, with frequent trips into cyberspace, that sort of thing.

Still, Paradise Cracked is a lot of fun. I find myself with "one more turn" syndrome, where one more turn becomes 10 and then hours pass.​

I'd call that rather positive, wouldn't you?

Spotted this at Shack News.

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