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Fargo wants Wasteland back?

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Fargo wants Wasteland back?

Company News - posted by Ausir on Thu 31 July 2003, 22:31:10

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Brian Fargo, former founder and head of Interplay, who has now founded a company "InXile" (In Exile), and recently acquired the Bard's Tale license, now wants to get another Interplay classic. Here's a snip from US patent office:
  • Serial Number: 78262017

    Mark (words only): WASTELAND

    Current Status: Newly filed application, not yet assigned to an examining attorney.

    Date of Status: 2003-07-07

    Filing Date: 2003-06-13

    1. inXile Entertainment, Inc.

    inXile Entertainment, Inc.
    2727 Newport Blvd., Suite 100
    Newport Beach,, CA 92663
    United States
    State or Country of Incorporation: Delaware
    Legal Entity Type: Corporation
    Phone Number: 949-675-3690
    Fax Number: 949-675-3654
Good luck with giving us Wasteland back! And remember, Turn Based is the key ;).

Spotted this at <a target=_blank href=http://www.duckandcover.net>Duck and Cover[/url].

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