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RPGDot one on one with Lord British

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RPGDot one on one with Lord British

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 1 August 2003, 17:01:22

Tags: Richard Garriott

Lord British aka Richard Garriot has done a brief interview with RPGDot.

RPGDot: If you could do any game, regardless of money and developing time, what would it be?

Lord British: “New Britannia!” Lord British’s new world. Multi player, far more fantastical than Ultimas were, reality simulations including physics, heavy use of mounts and vehicles, support of VR equipment, voice chat with voice fonts.​

Another MMORPG... Whee! Also, I find it ridiculous that these people secure an interview with Lord freakin' British and then ask him his favorite colour and other silly things.

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