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ToEE preview at ActionTrip

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ToEE preview at ActionTrip

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 4 August 2003, 01:41:53

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

There's a lengthy preview of Temple of Elemental Evil over at ActionTrip, which covers about everything known so far about the title by Troika.

It's no surprise that the game uses isometric graphics. This is, by all accounts, a great advantage, considering Troika's experience with that kind of technique (i.e. their involvement with the Fallout series and Arcanum). Although slightly outdated, the isometric view always proves ideal for complex and intricate gameplay mechanics of RPG's. In any case, we were pleased to have seen such a huge variety of colorful visual effects that are achieved through dynamic lighting, solid particle effects, and realistic fog and smoke. The game will be taking us through an amazing variety of unique-looking environments (check out the trailer and screenshot gallery). Also, I think you'll agree that character art and model design is a very important aspect of any RPG. From what we've seen, characters were precisely drawn, well-animated, and then transferred into the game with meticulousness and great skill (courtesy of lead artist Mike McCarthy and lead designer Tim Cain, and of course the rest of the creative team at Troika).

There you have it, the isometric view is outdated.

Thanks, Dan!

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