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DivDiv review at GameOver

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DivDiv review at GameOver

Review - posted by Spazmo on Tue 5 August 2003, 19:57:13

Tags: Divine Divinity

GameOver has posted a somewhat tardive review of Divine Divinity. Hell, this review is so late, even we scooped them! They liked DivDiv, scoring it at 83%.

Beyond the game mechanics, the graphics are nice enough and the sound is excellent (Divine Divinity has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in while), and, taken as a whole, Divine Divinity would be a great game except for one other problem. You might remember a few paragraphs ago when I mentioned there were two severe problems, one of which was the character system. Well, the character system flaw only really affects role-playing and re-playability, two things that some people might not even care about. But this other problem is a killer. Basically, the game balance stinks. There are just too many ways to make the game too easy in the end. You can pick out all the best skills and spells and learn them. You can find a frost-enchanted weapon, which always freezes your opponent, no matter how powerful the opponent is, and make all one-on-one battles (including those against major bosses) trivial. You can add charms to equipment, but the charms are so powerful, and you can add so many, that you can make yourself immune to all elemental damage, not to mention add hundreds of points to your health and mana. By the time I finished the game nothing could touch me and the final boss was a joke.​

The Monty Haul syndrome is all too common in action RPGs.

Spotted at RPGDot.

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