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Restricted Area Q&A on GameGossip

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Restricted Area Q&A on GameGossip

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 13 August 2003, 07:50:00

Tags: Jan Beuck; Restricted Area

GameGossip has a neat interview with Jan Beuck, Master-Creating's one man interviewing machine, about their up and coming Restricted Area. Here's a taste:

GG: Players will gain skills and abilities through cybernetic implants and genetically enhance organs - how will this augmentation system work? What are some of the skills that can be gained through these augments?

JB: You can think of the implants as the equivalent to the armours, boots and helmets in fantasy games, except that they can not be magic and can therefore can only give boni that are logical by their function. For example, a genetically enhanced heart can increase your costitution attibute but not your intelligence. Skills, which are usally learned with so-called development points you earn for level ups, can also be learned with skill software. That means you can replace your real knowledge of - let´s say "aiming level 2" with a chip that features "aiming level 5". As this software replaces your real knowledge about the skill the values aren´t added but replaced as long as you decide to use the chip. Currently all 75 skills can be learned with skill software as well. It was one of our highest goals about the skills that all each one is very different than all others and that none becomes unimporant after you learned a another one. A good example is "Will to Survive", a misc skill (that means all character may learn it) that, with each level, increases the chance that you simply don´t die although the last hit would have killed you. It´s useful for every character and it´s always good, equal what weapons or other skills you use. Of course it´s also tricky as you can´t count on it.​

Who wants to live forever? I'm not so sure this is the type of thing that works well in real time, though, because that hit that should have killed you will most likely have the hit that will kill you already inbound towards you after it's calculated not to have killed you. If you're getting machine gunned, saving versus one bullet won't matter much.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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