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Progress report on EVN editor for Windows

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Progress report on EVN editor for Windows

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 13 August 2003, 10:55:30

Tags: Ambrosia Software; Escape Velocity Nova

David Arthur, the guy behind the Mission Computer editors for the Macintosh for Escape Velocity Nova, has posted an update on the progress of getting everything working for Windows. Here's what the man says:

The ResFrame2 abstraction layer and cross-platform file format that will drive MissionComputer for Windows are largely complete. What's still needed are the format convertors and the integration of all this into the MissionComputer application. The whole project is rather slowed down by the fact that I am only intermittently within reach of my G4 through August. At the moment I'm thinking of releasing the new technology to the public in stages - first, a Mac-based .rez-to-Mac convertor, then support for .rez files in MissonComputer, and then finally the full port to Windows (minus, of course, any features which I can't easily make work on Windows).

I'm not quite sure why a .rez-to-Mac convertor would be needed, unless it's just to get the format tested for loading and saving them, but I'll trust in Dave for now.

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