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LoadedInc reviews Paradise Cracked

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LoadedInc reviews Paradise Cracked

Review - posted by Spazmo on Wed 13 August 2003, 20:42:08

Tags: Paradise Cracked

LoadedInc have reviewed Paradise Cracked, Buka's sci-fi RPG. They gave it a disappointing 6.5 out of 10.

It's not easy to pull of an enthralling turn-based title, waiting for enemy movement can be the most painstaking process if it's done badly. Paradise Cracked partially suffers from this problem, there can be long wait times between moves, even if you do tweak the settings to only show certain character/enemy movements on each level. The levels are not too large but even so, with each character only having a certain amount of movement before having to whack the 'next turn' button it can take some time to get around the game. Perhaps the ability to only switch to turn-based during key elements such as combat could have improved the gameplay.​

Putting the entire game in turn-based does seem like an odd design choice.

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