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Our Greyhawk pimpage

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Our Greyhawk pimpage

None - posted by Ausir on Tue 19 August 2003, 23:11:40

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Today (yesterday, actually, but nevermind), our new Greyhawk website - has launched. The staff consists mostly of RPG Codex staff and regulars. Here's what Spazmo said in the opening news:

    Today, we launch our new bilingual Polish/English site all about Troika’s line of Greyhawk games. ”What’s that,” you say, ”line of Greyhawk games? I thought there was only The Temple of Elemental Evil!” Well, that’s true, but several bits of evidence lead us to believe that Tim Cain and his team are going to go on to create a whole series of great games based on classic Greyhawk D&D modules, like Vault of the Drow, Against the Giants, White Plume Mountain, Descent Into the Depths of the Earth and anything else Mr. Cain takes a fancy to. Therefore, we decided to dedicate this site to all the Greyhawk games.

Well, what's more to say? I hope you'll like our site :). Don't forget to also visit our #greyhawk channel at, and our board at the RPG Codex forums.

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