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Restricted Area Peek of the Week #6 at RPGVault

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Restricted Area Peek of the Week #6 at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 20 August 2003, 18:24:16

Tags: Jan Beuck; Restricted Area

RPG Vault have put up their sixth installment of their series on master creating's upcoming action CRPG, Restricted Area. This one discusses the very first mission of the game.

All four characters start in a dirty, downtown part of Megacity, a metropolis that covers a large part of the Earth's surface. They have to hide in this ugly area, each for their own personal reasons, and they meet during the game's storyline. Each one perceives the story from a different point of view, and with each character, you can learn more about the other ones that you can't know from the other points of view. The story is also non-linear, so it's not possible to write down the entire storyline, but the first main story mission will provide you an idea of it.​

Non-linear? Music to my ears! Go Jan Beuck!

Spotted at RPGDot

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