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Pirates of the Caribbean middle roaded by Armchair

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Pirates of the Caribbean middle roaded by Armchair

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 26 August 2003, 19:09:07

Tags: Pirates of the Carribean

Those groovy guys over at Armchair Empire have just sent word they've reviewed that trading CRPG, Pirates of the Caribbean, giving it a 7.7/10. Here's the bit about trading being a shallow experience:

Pirates is by no means entirely dedicated to naval warfare, though. As mentioned already, there's plenty of colonial powers to deal with in the game, and of course that means trade abounds for those so inclined. Each outpost has items they have a surplus of and a shortage of others. As such players can go by the "Buy low sell high" philosophy of trade, loading up their ship with goods on the cheap at one colony, then sell them for a tidy profit at another colony who greatly needs it. It's a fast way to make some money, but ultimately shallow as the trade values stay the same at all times. No markets ever saturate causing the values of goods to fluctuate, they simply buy and sell at a constant rate.​

Well, this all depends on the reality of the sense of scale, doesn't it? Given the time it takes to get goods from one port to the other, it could be used up by the demand for it and demand could be near constant by this rate of usage. It'd hard to imagine one ship making a huge dent in the demand of an item for even the smallest port.

Thanks for the word, Jeff Nash!

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