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Paradise Cracked hated by Just Adventure

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Paradise Cracked hated by Just Adventure

Review - posted by Spazmo on Fri 5 September 2003, 15:16:06

Tags: Buka Entertainment; Paradise Cracked

Just Adventure (who do RPG's too, I guess) have reviewed Paradise Cracked. They really disliked it and their final score is a disappointing D. Silly letter grades... They knock the bad interface and constantly TB (even outside of combat) gameplay.

Let me start by saying that, buried underneath the baffling miasma of its controls is what may very well be a good game, yearning to get out. While the story is not wildly original, it’s a solid, dystopian, Blade-Runnery, William Gibson-influenced cyberpunk story set in a dark, grimy city full of lots of crime and not much law.

The main character (though you eventually can control a party) is called “Hacker.” Guess what he does! Anyway, the game begins with him on the run from various dark and dangerous factions and with only one helpful bit of advice: go see Sam Lee in Chinatown. He might have something for you.​

What's really sad is this game may be another example of the Harbinger syndrome: a game that fails for its gameplay and design rather than its setting--but try telling that to the marketing guys who determine that Non-fantasy = No moniez!!!!11

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