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Larian/Riftrunner editted log ready!

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Larian/Riftrunner editted log ready!

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 17 September 2003, 04:26:21

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Here's the editted log file of the developer chat with those groovy Larian people who are working really hard on Riftrunner, but not too hard to stay up all night chatting with us and their fans. Just check this out:

[Saint_Proverbius] Welp, that's a wrap. Unless Larian people have anything else to conclude the thing with?
[Lar] Not for me. I'm literally falling of my chair over here. Thanks for your interest guys - to larian members, see you tomorrow.
[Thorun] oh, we can go on...
[Exitium] yes thank you for participating
[Lynn] We don't have to go, Thorun ;)
[Thorun] nope!
[Spazmo] So more questions?
[Lynn] Sorry guys if we were a little slow, but we are tired - it's 3 in the night over here - but we do want to answer some more questions
[Thorun] Now i'm filled with so much coke light, even if i tried to sleep now...
[Spazmo] Okay--you asked for it!
[Spazmo] [Threepchoad] How replayable is the game?
[Lynn] uh...
[Thorun] that is hard to answer
[Lynn] Fredric?
[Thorun] depends on your playing style i'd say...
[valtar] how fast do you forget ???
[valtar] :)
[Fredric] i think it is definitely replayable
[Lynn] some people did replay DD many times where as
[Lynn] others didnt - so I guess that'll be the same for RR
[Fredric] there are different ways to develop your character
[Fredric] aénd the battlefields will make sure the scenery changes...
[Relex] you can replay it as much as you want, you can make sooo many combinations!
[Lynn] yes, that's for sure
[Lynn] --][/b] to the battlefields
[Fredric] plus there are alot of hidden things which you won't all find the first time...
[Thorun] and beautiful eastereggs...
[Lynn] we like hiding stuff ;)
[Fredric] next?​

Now that's just cool. See, I was winding it down, and they said to keep going, even though it was 4AM there. I <3 Larian.

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