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Riftrunner Peek of the Week #6 @ RPGVault

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Riftrunner Peek of the Week #6 @ RPGVault

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Sat 20 September 2003, 15:18:33

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

RPG Vault continue their peeping Tom activities and present a new article about Riftrunner, the upcoming RPG by those delightfully cooky Belgians, Larian. This one talks about... well, mushrooms.

In the conceptual stage, I thought I would never be able to do this... Every idea seemed to be in conflict with the story or with the existing Divinity universe. As reference material, I mostly used underwater vegetation, fungi and every strange plant and shape I could find. Then, I made some sketches of every plant and tree (also the food and drinks) to get them approved for the game. The modelling could then start... Every graphic you see in the game is created in 3D. They are all rendered and post-processed in Photoshop. When this is done, the Lead Artist takes a look at the images, approves them, and then it goes in our editor.​

Yeah, those are real purdy mushrooms, there. How exactly did this feature get approved?

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