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Fragland pop quizzes Larian hotshots

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Fragland pop quizzes Larian hotshots

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Sun 21 September 2003, 19:52:30

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Fragland have done an interview with Larian about their upcoming not-a-DivDiv-sequel, Riftrunner.

7.Will there be various ways to finish the game ? And could there be different endings ?

There will only be 1 ending to the game, but the player is free to a certain extent to go through the game as he wishes. There are of course certain goals every player will have to achieve, that is what having a main story is all about, but there will be lots of optional things to do and different ways of solving certain problems, just like there was in Divinity 1. Another reason for the 1 ending is because this story is part of a larger one which started in Divinity 1, and will continue in Divinity 2.​

Funny, sequels to games like Fallout or Geneforge didn't stop the originals from having multiple endings.

Spotted at RPGDot

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