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Starfury demo released

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Starfury demo released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 22 September 2003, 18:36:35

Tags: Malfador Machinations; Space Empires: Starfury

The demo for Space Empires: Starfury has been released and available on 3D Gamers in their section devoted to the game. There's also a Mirror on the Shrapnel Games website. Here's a bit of what you won't get from this demo:

Tons of ships.
Several races such as the Xiati, Abbidon, Fazrah, and a mystery race...
Lots of unique weapons and fighter bays.
3 complete campaigns.
Ability to purchase 19 different ship styles.
A huge galaxy with 92 solar systems to explore.
More planets, asteroids, nebulae, and stars.
13 more music tracks.​

I love fighter bays. It's like paying money not to have to be as active in a fight.

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