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Gamer's Pulse not thrilled with Paradise Cracked

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Gamer's Pulse not thrilled with Paradise Cracked

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 25 September 2003, 23:24:06

Tags: Buka Entertainment; Paradise Cracked

The boys over at Gamer's Pulse have churned up a review of the Russian made tactical CRPG, Paradise Cracked. They have several complaints, and give it a 23/50, which means they thought the game was average. Here's the openning:

When jumping into a turn-based strategy game, you expect tons of cool units, big battles, and deep strategic play. While Paradise Cracked claims to be a turn-based strategy, it feels more like an extremely slow RPG. Mixed with a touch of cyber punk, science fiction, and a few oddities and you get a combination that falls flat on its face. The plot of Parasise Cracked is that of a hacker on the run, but as a player you'll be kicking and screaming through a slow paced action/RPG game that only gets more annoying as you replay it..​

This is the second one that's mentioned slow levelling, interestingly enough.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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